RES is a software and systems engineering company based in Silicon Valley in Northern California.
Via RES, Erik Rogind provides consulting, custom solutions and product development services.
See Services and Solutions to get a flavor of RES Specialties and Deployed Products provided to the long list of my Clients
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  • Requirements Analysis & System Architecture
  • Conceptualization. Assimilating client’s needs
  • Defense, industrial, commercial, medical & gaming domains
  • Distributed Processing real time control systems
  • Wireless Networking Sensor Devices & Systems
  • Object Oriented Design (OOD) Methodologies
  • Radar signal processing, DSP algorithms


  • Embedded Systems, RTOS integration, Device Drivers
  • Web Applications and Business Automation
  • RDBMS: Embedded, Desktop, Enterprise, SQL
  • Network protocol design, TCP/UDP/IP Stacks
  • VME based systems
  • N-Tier Client / Server applications
  • Win32 and .Net Apps


Languages: Java, C++, C, C#, Ruby, Object Pascal, Python, SQL, CORBA IDL, MATLAB, Assembly (various)
Web Technologies: MVC architectures, Ruby on Rails, Servlets, AJAX, XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSP, ASP, Perl
Real Time and Embedded Executives: Embedded Linux, VxWorks, Keil RTX, QNX, posix, MRTK (my own ported to a few processors), pSOS, others
Embedded Targets: ARM, PPC, x86, BeagleBone Black (BBB), 1750A, 680x0, 68HC11, R4000, 8051, others
Development Hosts: Windows XX, Linux, Sun/Solaris/Unix, BBB
Environments/Tools: NetBeans, Eclipse, Keil, GNU, Wind River Workbench, Visual Studio.NET, MATLAB, git, ant

Summary of Projects and Products

  • Production Circut Board Test Fixture. Automated circuit board tester in use on high volume Asian production line. Uses Embedded Linux BeagleBone Black as control board. Browser based user interface. Java, C++.
  • Fireworks Control System. 1 mS launch accuracy from modules distributed over 3 mi radius using distributed wireless mesh network. Developed all real time control modules including launcher and firing module. Slated for daily worldwide usage at Universal and Disney theme parks. ARM, Keil RTX, C, Python.
  • Referee Web Application. Automated referee assignment by creating a web application based on Ruby on Rails framework, Rails Mailer and SQLite / MySQL backend
  • Radar Signal Processing Process Control. Architect of a distributed process control design that enabled core radar signal processing IP.
  • JSP Web application upgraded to a Rich Internet Application using AJAX. MySQL backend used during development / Oracle DB used for deployment. Used JSP Tag Library. Eclipse development environment.
  • Data Acquisition Framework. Served as an architecture lead to create a generic data acquisition framework for the X-ray End Stations (XES) for a national laboratory effort.
  • Radar Signal Processor. Modified C/C++ based radar signal processor to control a number of receiving system assets (tuner, antennas, digitizer, processor, real time displays). VxWorks(PPC VME SBC) and .NET nodes
  • 3 ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network products.
  • Mechanical Assembly distributed control. Microsoft.NET C# application used to control a 6 axis mechanical assembly that is the core of a Radiation Delivery system.
  • Medical Instrument Remote Monitoring. Used QNX as the kernel in an embedded OO C++ multi-threaded monitoring application running on an x86 custom board. Built the Remote Monitoring App using Java/Swing.
  • Embedded aeronautics application. C program running on an embedded Mil Std 1553B controller board. Also developed a JTAG Boundary Scan mechanism to program devices on our custom boards. Nohau emulators used.
  • BSP. Created a Board Support Package for a WinCE based Bingo Handheld that ran on an Intel XScale (ARM) uC. BSP included OAL and device drivers. Used MS Platform Builder 4.2, C/C++.
  • Comms Middleware. Developed a communications middleware layer built on sockets/TCP/UDP/IP that connected .NET workstations and VxWorks embedded devices in a Radiation Delivery product. Used C# & C++.
  • Dynamic data driven Java web application used to manage finances of a 30000-member union district lodge.
  • Wireless router. Our team created a Wireless Router using 2.4 GHz Chipcon radios. 8051 uC used C and Keil.
  • Quote Building System used by Electronic Parts Distributors. 3-tier design. Win32 App, Java servlets, Oracle 8i.
  • On-Line Loan Qualification web application. MVC design used Java servlets and MySQL/SqlServer backend.
  • Ultra high speed data collection system. Reengineered SW architecture to use OOD to provide Local & Remote control of instrument over LAN using Java, RMI, JNI, C++, CORBA, IDL and a Visibroker ORB.
  • Casino Bingo Gaming System. Architect of a multi-tier distributed gaming system for use by 800 nodes on a Casino Intranet with Point of Sales terminals, Bingo Caller Station, Bingo Terminals, and Handheld Bingo players.
  • Electronic Bingo Hall Management System. Win Apps built with Delphi. Content dealt to handheld bingo players.
  • Multi-threaded Windows NT GUI used to control and view radar system frequency spectrum displays.
  • TCP/IP protocols stack for an embedded 80186 tuner.
  • Embedded control SW for microwave radio. Self-calibration algorithms provide accurate signal strength reports.
  • Custom RTOS. Wrote embedded multi-processing, multi-tasking operating system for MIPS R4000 RISC CPUs.
  • Macintosh Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) Analyzer peripheral.
  • Radar signal processor. Headed project team which designed and implemented pulse collection and signal processing algorithms for a fighter based Radar Warning Receiver.
  • Networked system of industrial ultrasonic level sensors.
  • ELINT signal processor system on VME bus, using AMD 29000 RISC CPU.
  • Multi -processor communications receiver controller. 68HC11 based HW design; developed all SW.
  • AN/ULQ-16 pulse and scan rate analyzer.
  • Embedded High End Digital Demodulator. VME based system used VRTX RTOS and DSP SW & HW.
  • ELINT signal processor and Direction Finding subsystem.

Partial RES Client List:

    Defense Electronics

  • Condor Systems, San Jose, CA
  • EDO-Reconnaissance Surveillance Systems, Morgan Hill, CA
  • Electronic Support Systems, Fremont, CA
  • Elsin Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA
  • EM Systems, Sunnyvale/Fremont, CA
  • ITT, Morgan Hill, CA
  • Litton Applied Technology, San Jose, CA
  • PT Enterprises, Mountain View, CA
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation, Los Gatos, CA
  • THG, San Jose, CA

    Data Acquisition / Data Mining

  • Celerity Systems Inc., Cupertino, CA
  • IntelliData, Castle Rock, CO


  • BioControl Systems, Petaluma, CA
  • Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA

    Process Control / Instrumentation

  • Bindicator, Port Huron, MI
  • Birket Engineering, Winter Garden, FL
  • Keri Systems, San Jose, CA
  • Mobeam, Palo Alto, CA
  • Tiburon Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA
  • Toltec, Morgan Hill, CA


  • Bingo Technologies Corporation, NV
  • Crosby Engineering Services, Watsonville, CA
  • GameTech International, Reno, NV


  • Stanford Linear Accelerator, Menlo Park, CA


  • CyberBranch, Palo Alto, CA
  • IAMAW Lodge 141, Redwood City, CA
Rogind Electronic Services (RES) is a software and systems engineering company based in Silicon Valley.
RES was founded by myself, Erik Rogind, to provide consulting, custom solutions and product development services both locally and beyond. In many ways the RES history and story is as colorful as that of Silicon Valley. An inspection of the RES client list and solutions hints at this color.
My work with diverse products and industries has a unifying theme of incorporating accessible state of the art technologies and methodologies into innovative products that ship on time.
Specialties include Defense Electronics, Communication Middleware / Stacks / Protocols, Real Time Control and Embedded Systems, Multi-tier systems, and database driven applictions.
I am able to work with your organization - on site or off site - as a project architect, project leader, member of an engineering team or as creator of an independent team scaled to the scope of the product design task.
I will bring full Software Development Life Cycle practices to your project.
Prior to starting RES, Erik worked for Watkins Johnson in Palo Alto, CA
Education: B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Michigan
Security Clearance: recently lapsed US DOD Secret

Please contact me to learn how RES can help with your project

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TEL: 650.361.8414
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